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Brokar fabric - Exclusive silk

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Sidenprodukter, brokarsiden


Brokar fabric - Exclusive silk

Brokar fabric is a very exclusive silk fabric woven from mulberry silk, with woven pattern that is only manufactured in the Syrian capital Damascus. Brokar silk is similar to silk brocade with ornaments, figures or patterns woven on solid ground. The fabric is woven by hand from silk threads which requires great accuracy, precision and craftsmanship.

Brokar silk-The world's finest fabrics

Brokar silk, with over 300 years of history, is classified as one of the world's finest fabrics. Royalty, high ranking and religious men from India and China, in the east, to Spain and Great Britain, in the West, have imported Brokar silk for their finest clothing and the interior design and decoration of their palaces, churches and mosques.

Queen Elizabeth II of England gave the Syrian craftman Qassam Ayoobi make a dress for her to brokarsiden. Qassam Ayoobi have also made dresses for Queen Sofia of Spain, Jordan's Queen and the Queen of Malaysia in Brokar silk.

Brokar silk of 100% silk

Brokar silk consists of 100% mulberry silk reeled from silkworm cocoons. Mulberry silk is silk grown in the mulberry trees and silkworm larvae feed on tree leaves. Silkworm cocoons are about 4 inches long. The larvae spin themselves into the silk to pupate. The silk reeled up directly from the cocoons without killing the larvae, and it reels typically 10-15 threads together. After reeling the silk is boiled off. Silk thread is then ready for use.




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